Woolen fabrics

Woolen fabrics are popular for their specific properties such as excellent thermal insulation, warmth, flexibility, good water absorption, low creasing and excellent processing properties. Another typical feature of woolen fabrics is felting. Plstěním se látky srazí jak v šířce, tak v délce tak, že se přibývají na váze. Fabrics of higher basis weight, mostly used for winter clothing, are made of carded wool yarns, often of coarse wool fibers. Lightweight, airy fabrics used for summer clothing are made of combed yarns (combed with short fibers and the others are perfectly unified and arranged in a garnet to produce very fine yarns). So-called lightweight materials are produced in various ways, most often in combination with synthetic materials.

Splitting of woolen fabrics according to the coloring method:  
– monochromatic 
– using colored fibrous raw material 
– of colored yarns
– dyeing fabrics = colored-colored 
– multicolored
– using at least two yarns in the warp or weft
– using yarns or otherwise colored effect yarns – printed

Cutting woolen fabrics according to usage: 
– cloths of combed yarns 
– cloths of carded yarns 
– women’s cloth fabrics 
– cloak fabrics 
– trouser fabrics 
– winter fabrics 
– technical fabrics