Shirting fabrics

The most important in choosing a shirt (and clothing in general) is fabric. These are divided by type of binding and weaving performance. Depending on the binding, the material may have a different structure and appearance and may be different to the touch.

Fabric bindings include:
Twill weave
Linen binding
Satin weave
Jacquard weave

Trade name weaving types:
poplin, fil à fil, zephyr, oxford, pinpoint, twill, chevron, denim

Thread fineness
The so-called fiber number can determine the yarn fineness according to its weight/length ratio. The higher the index, the finer the thread. At the same time, light, silky and durable, which guarantees quality fabric. However, the yarn size over 160 s will be heavier on ironing and will tend to curl slightly. From the fineness of 100 s, it is already a quality thread. In the garment industry, shirts typically have a fineness of between 80 and 100 s.
Double twisted yarns are thinner, more silky, of better quality than single yarns.