How to shop?

Dear customers, thank you for visiting our online store. To make your purchase easier, we bring a step-by-step approach to buying.

1. Choose a category of fabrics, that you are interested in.
2. See the offer in the category.
3. You can use search filters for easier orientation.
4. Choose the fabric you like and click it to see the detail.
5. In the detail view, review the photo of the fabric and pay attention to the information that is given about the fabric.
6. If you like the fabric and you want to buy it, choose how many meters you want and press the button „Add to the cart“.
Example: If you want to buy 120 cm, type 1.2. If you want to buy 3 meters, write 3.The price of fabrics is given for 1 meter and in the cart it is calculated according to the quantity you entered.
7. Follow the same steps when you are choosing other fabrics.
8. You can add to the cart any quantity of fabrics.
9. You can check the contents of the cart at any time by clicking on the cart button located on the top right of the page.
10. You can change the quantity of goods in your cart until you send your order.
11. If you have everything selected, check your cart, select shipping and payment methods.
12. Fill in your billing information.
13. If you want to tell us something about the order, write it in a note.
14. Check your details and click to the button „Send an order“.
15. An order confirmation email will arrive at your email address.
16. We will inform you about further steps and status of your order via e-mail.